The ancestry of the current generation of Cafe Navilu coffee growers can be traced back as far as 'Churche' Kale M. Gowda (seen here in the far left). In the early 1700's a war took place between the landowners of the Makonahalli Region and a neighboring kingdom.

Kale Gowda was the sole survivor of the Makonahalli people; all other members of his family were killed. At this time Kale Gowda was only a little boy and the people from the neighboring village his family had fought against were plotting to kill him because he was to own all the land in Makonahalli (the heart of the coffee growing regions). A local tribe called the Billavas decided to help Kale Gowda, and they hid the little boy under a weed called Churche. Since Kale Gowda was hidden under the weed Churche he became known as 'Churche' Kale 'M' Gowda, the 'M' standing for Makonahalli. The plantation owners of today are the ninth generation coffee growers and are the direct descendants of 'Churche' Kale 'M' Gowda. To this date none have ventured into other professions. As the years go by the plantation is divided between the sons, at present there are 55 heads of the 'M. Gowda' family.

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