'Navilu' is the Kannada word for Peacock.

The Peacock is the national bird of India and is sacred in the hearts of the Indian people. Legend has it that a God by the name of 'Muruga' rode astride this magnificent bird.

While visiting the estates of the coffee plantations in the Makhonalli area of Southern India we were so impressed by the displays of the local peacocks that we decided to use their royal presence as the "symbol" for the coffee we are bringing to The United States.

For those who have never been in India it is easy to
understand why they expect little more than dust and
dessert conditions.

Up in the mountains where coffee is grown is a whole
other world from the rest of India. Lush, green, tropical,
absolutely magical, and nothing in the Western World
compares to this environment.

The sound of parrots screaching to one another from
the branches of the teak trees, the fog in the basin
below the area where the coffee is grown; like the
story books of our childhood, this is a fantasy land that
you must see to be able to believe.

This magical place is where our coffee is grown!

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