What the Experts Say

"High altitude and careful processing are evident in this very fine Giri. We were immediately enticed by the sweet and spicy aroma which had a hint of cinnamon. On the palate this coffee was complex, and impressively well orchestrated with enough body to hold it all together. Cafe Navilu is filled with a decadent peppery spiciness and yet is remarkably smooth and clean tasting. A very unique and special coffee indeed!"

Lee Casteel - Roastmaster

Cafe Navilu American Blend
A smooth tasting well bodied Indian coffee with the alluring decadence of spices. The aromatic qualities are enticing; it boasts both a sweet and spicy tang. Roasted to perfection these pleasant and unique qualities bonded by the high altitudes and careful processing make Cafe Navilu Original an exceptional organically grown specialty coffee.

Cafe Navilu Madras Blend
This blend is also popularly known as "Madras Coffee". This blend contains all the qualities of Cafe Navilu Original, combined with the wonderful characteristics of Chicory. This is a stronger tasting coffee from the Old World and now widely popular in North America. This complementing blend has been pinpointed exactly to unite the unique spicy qualities of Café Navilu and Chicory for a coffee taste unlike any other.

Cafe Navilu European Blend
Taste of Europe! This is a perfect blend of Plantation 'A' Arabica beans and Robusta Cherry Beans. This unique blend gives you an exceptional flavor and body. Suited for Espresso's.

Cafe Navilu Green Beans
The finest Plantation 'A' grade Arabica beans from our plantations high on the Western Ghats region of southern India. Grown under the shade of the Teak tree amidst the intertwining vines of black pepper, the aromatic beauty of the cardamom plant and the nourishing qualities of the rich black soil our coffee flourishes until it is to be harvested.


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