The lure of coffee captivates people to the extent that for many, dawn does not break without a fragrant/stimulating cup of coffee in their hand. That appeal of coffee is universal in nature and coffee is consumed world over for the sense of well being it imparts.

"The method of coffee brewing varies with countries and tradition. For many, coffee is a staple of their daily diet. Development of Science and Technology has transformed the art of coffee brewing into a scientific marvel. Espresso/Cappuccino coffees are relished world over for their aroma and flavor and this type of coffee brewing is gaining ground all over.

Whatever may be the type and sophistication employed in the brewing, the quality of beverage is governed by the quality of the raw/roasted coffee beans. This is the field where the growers should exercise their vigil to ensure that the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of coffee they produce are maintained and not spoilt on account of some defective processing techniques.

The coffee consuming countries are highly quality specific these days and they insist on quality of coffee they source from producing countries. A few producing countries have made an indelible impression in the minds of the buyers that the coffee sourced from these countries are invariably quality coffee, thanks to the untiring efforts on the part of the growers and processors of these countries, for the production of quality coffee.

Although India produces quality coffee, India has failed to establish that sharp quality image in the world market. The coffee growers who nurture their coffee in their estates should form the foundation on which the quality image of Indian Coffee is built. Quality should become the watchword of our coffee culture because in the long run, Quality and Quality alone will be our strength."

Philipose Matthai
Coffee Board
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