Brewing 'Madras Coffee' with Indian coffee filters:

Filter: An Indian Coffee filter is a two portion metal container, the bottom portion is for collection and the top portion is where the ground coffee and boiling water are placed. A mushroom shaped filter is located within the top portion. The compatible grind for this filter is the Turkish grind.

Brewing: Everyone has his or her own way of drinking coffee. Some like it strong, some like it light, some like it with a lot of cream and some like it black. The brew that comes from an Indian coffee filter is called decoction. The decoction can be made strong or light based on the number of spoons of coffee powder that you add to the filter.

* CAUTION! Stainless Steal conducts heat.

Follow the directions below to create an authentic cup of Madras coffee using the Indian filter:

Open the lid of the top portion of the filter

  • Remove the mushroom shaped filter from inside the top portion.
  • Add 3 to 6 spoons (based on your taste for strong or light coffee) of finely ground/Turkish ground Indian Coffee.
  • Replace mushroom shaped filter
  • Add boiling water into the top portion.
  • Replace lid immediately by holding the base firmly. (Exercise extreme caution - stainless Steel conducts heat, the filter will become extremely hot in seconds)
  • Brewing should take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour based on the ground and the quantity of water.
  • Once all the water from the top container has drained to the bottom container, store the decoction in a glass or a steel container. If the Decoction is stored in the refrigerator, the freshness is maintained for days.

Making Madras Coffee:

A typical cup of Madras coffee on average is decoction to milk ratio of 1:3. Again, base this on your preferences of coffee strength.

Boil the Milk in a pan.
Turn heat off immediately after milk has boiled or reached required temperature.
Add the decoction to the boiling Milk. If boiled the decoctions flavor and freshness will be ruined.
Sugar to taste.
Your Madras Coffee is now ready to be served, enjoy!

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