It is our pleasure to introduce to you Cafe Navilu. Only the finest 'A' grade Arabica beans make their journey from our plantations high on the Giri Range in the heart of the Makonahalli region of southern India, to be uniquely roasted for a coffee taste unlike any other ever experienced.

Organically grown under the shade of the Teak tree amidst the intertwining vines of black pepper, the aromatic beauty of the cardamom plant and the nourishing qualities of the rich black soil our coffee flourishes until it is to be harvested, at our plantation all berries are carefully hand picked and individually graded.

At Cafe Navilu we systematically pay attention to every single stage of the coffee process from seedling to berry, from berry to roasted bean, our standards are the basis for this quality bean and your favorite beverage.

The Western Ghats Mountain Range of Southern India is renowned for producing one of the finest coffees in the world. Thanks to the sun-drenched slopes, soaring altitudes, exceptional rainfalls and nourishing soil, India has relentlessly managed to supply some of the worlds most luxurious quality coffees for over 150 years.

The Giri coffee grown at an altitude of 6000 feet on the Western Ghats is said by the experts to be the finest of all Indian coffees. Those who love the delicate tastes and aromas of the popular beverage appreciate Indian Coffee worldwide.

"So far I am unable to judge , nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked." - Mark Twain, from Following the Equator.

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